AHS Hardwood Path Chips

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Quick Overview

Produced from 100% British Hardwood, FSC certified and from sustainable sources. It is durable, long lasting and easy to maintain. Conforms to BS EN 1176 by using the testing process BS EN 1177. For intended use as an Impact Absorbing Playground Safety Surface at a depth of 150mm and 300mm.

Features and Benefits

Available only in 80Litres

98% of particles range from 5-30mm

100% natural product with no additives or colouring

Free from pests, weeds, pathogens and has not been treated with methyl bromide

Free of all foreign matter such as large stones, plastic, glass and any other extraneous materials

Free draining and provides a clean play surface all year long

Attractive and suitable for use in rural, urban and exposed sites

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