Iterra Flower Pot

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Quick Overview

Mass produced in modern machines, designed to produce pots, with quality control being essential, each pot is identical. This is a real benefit when trying to produce symmetrical designs.

Measurements specified:
Diameter (cm) x Height (cm)

53cm dia x 47cm (Ref: I01053)
46cm dia x 38cm (Ref: I01046)
43cm dia x 36cm (Ref: I01043)
39cm dia x 34cm (Ref: I01039)
35cm dia x 30cm (Ref: I01035)
31cm dia x 27cm (Ref: I01031)
27cm dia x 25cm (Ref: I01027)
25cm dia x 23cm (Ref: I01025)
23cm dia x 21cm (Ref: I01023)
21cm dia x 19cm (Ref: I01021)
19cm dia x 17cm (Ref: I01019)
17cm dia x 15cm (Ref: I01017)
15cm dia x 13cm (Ref: I01015)
13cm dia x 11cm (Ref: I01013)
11cm dia x 10cm (Ref: I01011)
9cm dia x 8cm (Ref: I01009)

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